ABM Sales Platform

Product Design
We've been consulting for Folloze and providing UX/visual design support where it's needed. Folloze started out as a business based content board system that allowed people to collaborate or share strategic information. It's been exciting to see how this client has grown over the past few years and it's been a learning experience to see how a startup needs to be flexible for market reach and trends. Always be ready to pivot for the right opportunities.

Folloze has adapted its platform to cater to sales professionals. In 2016 Bloomberg listed Folloze in the top 50 most promising startups with over $16mil in investor funding. We are excited to have worked on the ground level with such an ongoing and promising application.

A Partner Approach To Every Project

Folloze had a lot of things going right for it which made it a fun collaborative project and a great team to work with. We don't usually consider projects if we think there are concerns at any level in it being successful. That's far from saying we don't like a challenge, it's just we want to make sure we are steering our clients in the most optimal way possible and harmonize with a team we feel good about. We take a look at the business strategy, marketing, social and logistics. Here is a video we put together capturing some of the features that make Folloze awesome:

Watch Folloze in Action