The Digital World Is Our Playground.
Our Services Include: Product Strategy,
Design & Development


The UDDA (Unified Digital Design Associates) is a digital design agency comprised of a close team, that strives for design excellence and innovation. We are battle tested and come bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to each project.

Started in San Francisco and now located in the Arts District area of Los Angeles we've kept up the pace with extraordinary changes since we began helping clients in UX & UI strategy. Our client work has given us a strong and varied experience in creating enterprise pre-sale concepts, web and mobile applications and strong UX/UI design.

Founded on the belief that there is always an exciting new way to provide technology services, we adopt an attitude of partnership with each client. We value our client relationships, and go the extra mile to maintain those relationships for the long term. Our team of creative professionals combines artistic vision and technical expertise to help clients from the conceptual stage through launch.
  • Where We Fit In
  • Pre-Sales
  • Design Innovations
  • App Design & Development
  • Product Support
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Our Experience
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Design
  • Pixel Perfect Documentation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Visualization
  • Iconography
  • Technical Skills
  • Adobe Products
  • Interactive Prototyping Tools
  • 3D Artwork Creation
  • Illustration
  • Web App Development
  • Native App Development
  • Content Management

Our Results Over the Years

The UDDA has over $100 million in successful presales and over $10 million in startup funding

Our Team
Adam Holcomb

Adam Holcomb

Founder & Creative Director

Adam has been designing for over 18 years professionally and has been helping SAP concept new projects for over 8 years in addition to servicing his other enterprise clients: Blackberry & Splunk. He is also a partner in two startups.
Erika Schlick Sinclair

Terry Pisel

Creative Director

Terry is also an Architect turned UX/UI designer. He has been with The UDDA for over 5 years and serves as a creative director and design lead for BlackBerry. As a bonus he brings his exceptional 3d talents to our clients for rich visual content usable in AR and VR interfaces.

Erika Schlick-Sinclair

Founder & Business Director

Erika is a Licensed Architect turned UX/UI designer. After starting The UDDA with Adam over 8 years ago her role has moved from design to business planning and company operations. She handles project logistics, resourcing and new bussiness development

Steve Archer

Senior Designer

Steve makes our 3rd Architect turned UX/UI designer on our team. His talents come through in making sure developers get tight and organized documentation for our product designs. His diverse background in UX/UI gives support where it is most needed on the projects.
Adam Holcomb

Larry Latore

Senior Designer

Larry is a multi-disciplinary Designer/Strategist with over 15 years of experience with a strong focus on digital projects. Larry has worked for a broad range of clients and agencies including Comcast, SAP, Coldwell Banker, Port City Brewing, and Chase Bank. When he isn't jamming out in design he is jamming out with his band. His epic beard also inspires us all.
Erika Schlick Sinclair

Jeff Ross

Creative Director & Business Connector

Jeff is a passionate and creative solutions engineer. Broad industry experience across multiple fields; Social Services, Analytics, Virtualization, Government, Defense, Intelligence, Aerospace, Aviation, Finance, Entertainment, Retail and Education.He has over 19 years experience working as Instructor, Designer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Creative-lead and Director.

Emmanuel Crouvisier

Lead Developer

Emmanuel is a technology professional with over 25 years in developing. His experience is mostly in application development and architecting business-class information systems. He is our lead for application development and AR development.

Jacco De Vin

Senior Designer

Jacco is a creative guru with over 15 years of experience successfully leading and managing creative development teams. Together with the UDDA, he has executed great projects for some big clients. He is also our eyes and ears across the Canadian border, because you all know that our friends up north are up to something.