SAP Smart Vending
& Connected Goods

Product Design
We have a long history of creating IoT experiences for SAP. IoT is still a new frontier so it’s exciting to have been on the forefront of defining connected engagements. We’ve worked on a number of personas with SAP’s connected technology, from a customer experience all the way through executive dashboards.

It's now standard for any device to be connected. How that device is tracked and communicates with another user to enhance business processes or gain insights is the experience we enjoy solving.

The Networked Economy Showcase at SAPPHIRE NOW

This wasn't our first interface created for SAP Smart Vending but it was one of the final designs they productized. There is a holistic experience with making a networked economy successful. What you don't see in this demo is what happens behind the scenes with business managers and field reps. There is a whole other experienced we contributed to that makes it easier for managers to track engagement and gain insight from customers.

Watch Our Design in Action

SAP Connected Goods

The above is a glimpse of some of the latest designs for SAP connected products. We've worked the full spectrum from operational logistics, planogramming, sales tracking, inventory management, and shipment tracking.

SAP Smart Vending and Connected Good Technology