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Product Design
Splunk is a big-data leader that produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing data.

Besides our love for designing user interfaces, we love inventing ways to visualize and explore data. Splunk has approached us a number times to help with product design and proof of concept explorations.

Unfortunately, we can't divulge any details about what we've been designing for them ... just that they're pretty cool and the customer is impressed.


We Love Challenges

When creating a new product or improving an existing product, a good understanding of the subject or industry is essential to creating a successful solution. This makes the challenges of Splunk really exciting for us due to all the new things we have to get familiar with and educate ourselves on.

Once we get familiar on the subject, our interface designs usually makes it easier for non-engineers to quickly grasp the utility of the products we are creating.

The following quote was forwarded by a product owner after demoing one of our designs to a customer:"This is a Picasso painting and what we're working is crayons!!!"