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Product Design
SAP Leonardo integrates multiple product technologies seamlessly in the cloud. The design thinking methodology and expertise helps customers rapidly adopt new capabilities and business models. We’ve worked closely with a few of the product owners to create prototypes and demos to test their vision. It’s exciting to see the well-received press around such a forward thinking product.

We have an advantage when we work with a department at SAP due to our varied experience with them over the years. We’ve been designing interfaces for SAP for over 8 years and whenever we are brought into a new product concept, we are a vast library of past resources to give us an edge to quickly create concept sketches and designs.

There is a big team effort with a project like the launch of SAP Leonardo and we are excited to have been trusted to be part of the team.


Trenitalia Demo for Leonardo Bridge

The image above is from one of our first SAP Leonardo product designs and demos. We worked in combination with product owners, developers and customers to understand the business challenges and how a combination a SAP technology can be consolidated to solve them. Our final demo was used to help people imagine the full potential of what a consolidated system can bring.

Watch Our Demo

Sap Leonardo Live Germany Elvira Wallis
SAP Leonardo Live Demo

Similiar to the above Trenitalia demo we worked with the product team to imagine a demo that was interactively rich and communicated how the technology can bridge systems together to solve problems. Our demo was presented at SAP's Leonardo Live event as a keynote. You can find our work presented at the 11min mark in the following link:

Watch The SAP Leonardo Live Broadcast

Sap Leonardo Live
Sap Leonardo Hololens Demo in AR
SAP Leonardo in Hololens

Our team took the liberty of what could 3d dimensional space do for enterprise processes. This is the frontier of a new exciting technology, and we put together a creative case study about where we think this technology is going. Download our case study with the following link:

AR for Enterprise

Sap Hololens Demo