Unified Digital Design Associates

The UDDA, an acronym for Unified Digital Design Associates, a visionary squad of passionate innovators working to push the limits of imagination, ingenuity and design, while creating engaging applications and products. If you look sexy, we look sexy. Our passion lies in developing aesthetically stunning products and web apps that promote both usability and functionality. We consistently exceed our client's expectations by helping to bring them to the forefront of their industry.

Located in the SOMA area of San Francisco we've kept pace with extraordinary changes since we began helping clients in UX & UI strategy. Founded on the belief that there is always an exciting new way to provide technology services, the UDDA is a high quality alternative to big design agencies. We adpot an attitude of partnership with each client, that doesn't end when the project is complete. We value our client relationships, and go the extra mile to maintain those relationships for the long term. Our team of creative professionals combines artistic vision and technical expertise to help clients from conceptual stage through launch.

Your journey is our journey. Let's ride.

The Team

Adam Holcomb


Applying simple elegance to complex problems is part of the many talents Adam possesses. He was one of the original creators of 944 and Racket Magazine. He has a keen entrepreneurial mind, as well as a Swiss army knife of expertise in the field.

Adam's ability to connect with his clients raises the bar in setting a prime example of developing solid relationships. His knack for translating innovative design to newer evolving digital spaces and media makes him a leader in the industry. He can tell you what he's doing in simple terms even though it's anything but simple.

When he's not creating super-human feats in technology he's performing super human stunts on rock. Rock climbing haunts Adam so deeply we sometimes find him cranking up cracks on the side of the building, or flashing a heel hook on a window pane. Don't worry, he's got gear for that.

Erika Schlick-Sinclair


Erika explores the synergy between physical and digital workspaces and brings a sharp eye for detail and precision to all of her work, right down to the pixel. She has been working in design and architecture since 1999 and loves the constantly changing trends. In 2001 she started her own design company, Eka Design, and then partnered with Adam Holcomb to create the UDDA. With an outstanding record in both early stage product development and leading established projects, Erika relies on a solid mix of architecture, design and technical skills to deliver the highest quality in her field.

She received her BA in Architecture and Graphic Design with a Masters in Architecture, and is currently a Licensed Architect.

When Erika is not pining over the precision of pixels she is traveling the world, deciding what country to visit next and dreaming about French Bulldogs.

Desi Danganan

Management Consultant & Chef in Residence

Desi is a serial entrepreneur. He's created brands out of experiences and communities from brands that cross pollinate the food, music, and technology spaces. During the web 1.0 days, Desi was a web producer designing early UI concepts for the VoIP industry. When the bubble popped, he went on to start his own agency--Electric Friends.

His real notoriety in the business world is rooted in his time in the hospitality industry owning and operating top 10 restaurants and unique hybrid concepts featured in Food and Wine Magazine, Business Week, and California Home and Design.

At the UDDA, he cooks-up ways to make the office function better. For example, twice a week he produces a thematic 3 course lunch for the staff to facilitate creativity, staff cohesion, and sometimes--health and wellness.

"Ideas, aren't created in a vacuum. Innovative ideas need a spake or a catalyst to ignite. Breaking bread is a time proven method to spark creativity." Desi

In his free time, Desi plots world domination by immersing himself in "peak experiences" centered around ideas, music, food, and the 1%. More often than not, his schemes go unnoticed by the 99%.

Shruti Chandra

Associate Creative Director

The UDDA scored when it got lucky snagging this former Smart Design and Fjorg talent up for it self. Shruti has been a professional creator of anything digital since 2001 and working for digital device services is an organic fit for her. She has a knack for figuring out what's on trend and can bring it to the next step quickly.

The process of creating something from nothing thrills her, especially when it's used for improving upon the daily lives of others. Her love for all things digital has included blenders, cameras, TV, tablets, phones, medical devices and more.

Her sharp wit is also a benefit to her clients. Cracking up clients is part of the fun and she strives to make projects more delightful, interesting, and easier for everyone.

On her downtime she contemplates her twisted love for shoes. Shruti admits to being completely and utterly obsessed with footwear, owning upwards of 60 pairs, from high-tops, to low tops, heeled, florescent, old school, you name it. If the apocalypse came she would be able to supply the world with fantastic looking feet.

Steve Archer

Senior Designer

Steven is known for his unique and innovative approach to design which has been key to establishing the UDDA as a creative powerhouse. Diversity and adaptability make Steven invaluable to the artistic aspect of shifting digital trends. He is a life long student of the arts, both two and three dimensional, and brings a multi-faceted approach to each project.

Steve enjoys candle lit dinners and walks on the beach. He occasionally walks on the beach after dinner while holding lit candles.


Office Luck Puppy

When he’s not sucking on his stuffed cow, Falkor is bringing down the house with his adorable eyes and lovable, squishy face. While others at UDDA are creating digital magic, Falkor sits like a prince waiting for the mailman and dreaming about puppy treats. He admits that his loyalty to various people depends on who has the tastiest snacks, and he is usually found foraging under desks looking for crumbs from the most expensive lunch.

When it comes to Falkor’s specialty, it is his hypnotic jedi-whimper which has been known to silence the office and cause employees to stop what they’re doing in order to grant him unlimited snuggles and petting.